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04.28.2011 | Posted in email service provider

If you work online, you know how important keeping your mailbox organized and under controls is, using features such as labels and filters. Well, there’s a new email service provider out there, and this solution was designed with Internet professionals like us in mind: ViralinBox (Email, List Building & Marketing Solution)

One Account, Multiples Email Addresses

What I really like about ViralinBox is that you can have several email addresses on the same account. I have a few personal email addresses, a few other ones for work… and I find it annoying when I have to log in and log out every time I need to switch from one account to another. With ViralinBox, one email account is enough! Let’s say your ViralinBox email address is, you can create for your personal emails, for your business emails and so on. This also means that every time you join a program, like ClickBank, you can create a new email address for it like This way all the incoming emails are filtered automatically, there’s no need for you to create labels and/or filters.

A New Email Address For Every Program You Join

The best part is that you don’t even need to actually create the new email address when joining a new program. Even if the email address doesn’t exist yet, use it to join the program, and ViralinBox will automatically create a new box when an email is sent to that email address (soon after you’ve joined the program in most cases). All you need to do is to approve the new box, and of course you can close it if you don’t want to receive any more emails from that source. This is an awesome feature, because it means you can permanently stop spam with the push of a button!

List Building & Marketing Features

ViralinBox also comes with powerful list building and marketing features, including a downline builder, a system mailer and various advertising tools including text and banner ads and guaranteed visitors. The mailer is a very interesting feature because it allows you to send emails to random members, so you can send your offers to other online business owners and marketers like you. ViralinBox guarantees a 100% deliverability rate, because all emails are sent to ViralinBox email addresses, and members are rewarded for checking other people’s offers.

Free & Paid Memberships

ViralinBox is free to join, but you can upgrade your account for extra features and benefits. For example as a Silver (Free) Member, you can email up to 250 random members every day, up to 500 as a Gold Member, up to 2,000 as a Platinum Member, and up to 4,000 as a Diamond Member. As a Platinum and Diamond you receive respectively 1,000 and 2,000 Mailing Credits every day so if you’re after traffic and leads make sure you upgrade your account! You can also earn Mailing & Advertising Credits by simply using ViralinBox, like clicking the links in the emails sent by other members.

I started my online career with Hotmail, then switched to Gmail, and I’m now slowly but surely switching to ViralinBox! Every time I join a new program I now use a ViralinBox email address, so I know I have my mailbox under control if something goes wrong (if someone decides to send me unwanted emails for example). Anyhow, if you work online, I highly recommend that you get yourself a ViralinBox account! ViralinBox is a must-have if you’re in the online business and marketing industry! Click here to claim your mailbox!

>>> Click Here to Claim Your ViralinBox Mailbox <<<


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