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02.28.2012 | Posted in productivity

If like me you work online and are sometimes required to perform boring, tedious tasks, then make sure you do a quick Google search before you get started. Chances are other people had to perform these tasks before you, and maybe they even created a script to make those a few minutes jobs…

For example if you want to take a sceenshot, you have the option to hit the ‘Print Screen’ key, paste it in Paint (or equivalent for Mac), then save the file, upload it (if necessary) and share it with whoever you need to share it with. Easy, but a little time-consuming… Time you could save by using a screenshot solution like Jing (PC & Mac) or Skitch (Mac & Android), which both allow you to take screenshots, add notes and host your screenshots online in just a few seconds…

If you want to check a bunch of websites at the same time, to see how they look, or if something is wrong with them, you can use a script like URL Opener, which allows you to open multiple URLs at the same time, without having to open new tabs or new windows yourself. All you need to do is paste the list of URLs you want to open in URL Opener, click ‘Submit’, then ‘Open All’ and the script will open them all for you.

Now let’s say you want to check the PageRank (PR) of several sites. Instead of manually checking every site, you could use a tool like MassPageRank, which allows you to check the PR of multiple sites at the same time. Just like with URL Opener, all you need to do is to paste the list of sites you want to check, and click ‘Submit’. The script will check the PRs for you, in just a few seconds.

There are also plenty of tricks with simple applications like Notepad. For example let’s say you have a list of domain names but only want the names, and not the extensions, which means you would have to remove all the .com’s, .org’s, net’s… You could either do it manually for every domain name, or you could paste the list in Notepad, go to ‘Edit’, click ‘Replace’ and replace ‘.com’ by nothing. By nothing I mean nothing… not even a blank space. Then you can repeat the process for .org’s, .net’s…

If you want to remove blank spaces from a text list, but the ‘Replace’ function in Notepad doesn’t really help, you can use a site called Text Fixer. It comes with plenty of useful tools including a tool to remove extra whitespace and tabs. All you need to do is to paste your text in the field, click ‘Replace Whitespaces’, and the script provides you with the same text list, but without the extra whitespace or tabs. Text Fixer offers plenty of other useful productivity tools so make sure you check it out.


The idea behind this post is not to provide you with a list of tools that you can use to increase your productivity, but to show you that there are plenty of free tools out there for pretty much any boring, tedious task that you need to perform… as long as they are relatively simple of course. However if you know some other very useful tools and want to share them with us, feel free to leave a comment below.

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