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07.02.2009 | Posted in web browsers

Firefox 3.5 is out! If you’re already a Firefox user, make sure you download the latest version of your favorite web browser. If you’re not, well… you should definitely think about it! I use Firefox for quite a few years now, and I’m really happy about it. I feel it’s safer than other web browsers, and some of the add-ons are very useful. I also believe Firefox 3 is much faster than the previous versions. I used to complain a lot about how slow the previous versions were.  Not anymore…

According to website applications company Net Applications, Firefox accounted for almost 23 percent of the recorded usage of web browsers in May 2009, while Internet Explorer accounted for a little more than 65 percent. As a reminder, Firefox is not installed on all PCs as Internet Explorer is… If you’re not convinced, check out the features and add-ons, and just try it out! You won’t be disappointed. I’ve never heard of people trying Firefox and switching back to Internet Explorer…

I downloaded Internet Explorer 8 when it came out a few weeks ago. I sometimes use it at work, but now most websites are fully compatible with Firefox, I never use it at home. Microsoft really tries to push web users to download the latest version of Internet Explorer this time. I don’t think Internet Explorer 7 was very successful; some people are still using Internet Explorer 6… Anyway, you may have noticed the Firefox button I added on the right column, right below the live traffic feed. I’m really getting into this Spread Firefox thing. Check out their affiliate program, you can win stuff. That’s very good viral marketing…

Firefox 3.5

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