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09.28.2014 | Posted in internet marketing

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to learn Internet marketing, you have come to the right place… Neil Patel from QuickSprout has compiled 12 guides and 2 courses into a single post that you can find here. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Internet marketer, I highly recommend that you read […]

08.28.2014 | Posted in wordpress

If you just finished setting up WordPress and don’t know what theme you should install, or want to change the theme your site or blog currently uses and don’t know where to look, you have come to the right place. There are thousands of themes available on the Web these days. There are plenty of […]

07.18.2014 | Posted in analytics

I found another great infographic! This time it’s on how to decrease the bounce rate of your site. Google defines the bounce rate as the the percentage of single-page sessions on your site. If your bounce rate is high, it means most of your visitors don’t click through to another of your pages. The good […]

06.19.2014 | Posted in social media marketing

If you are wondering how you can upload a photo to Instagram from your computer (whether you use Windows or Mac OSX), you have come to the right place. You can upload photos from your smart phone using the app, but the Facebook-owned company currently does not offer any desktop-based application. What if the photo […]

05.31.2014 | Posted in communication

Just a short blog post to let you know about a great infographic I found earlier this month on Wyzowl. It’s about the power of visual communication… Did you know that only 10% of people remember what they hear and 20% remember what they read? On the other hand, 80% of people remember what they […]

04.28.2014 | Posted in security

WordPress has become a hugely popular blogging platform all around the world, and as a consequence, WordPress security has become a hot topic. Earlier this year, I suggested that you install a plugin called Limit Login Attempts, which can prevent some hackers from gaining access to your blog. I firmly believed that any blog can […]

03.30.2014 | Posted in search engines

Quite a few people have asked me how Google works over the past few weeks, but I find it a bit hard to explain with words, especially if you are not really familiar with Internet technology. I did a tiny bit of research and found a great infographic from QuickSprout (once again) that I’m sure […]

02.18.2014 | Posted in security

Has your WordPress blog ever been hacked? Whether or not it has, I highly recommend that you install a plugin called Limit Login Attempts. WordPress is a very popular blogging platform and a target of choice for hackers, who use scripts to try multiple usernames and passwords and gain access to your WordPress blog. This […]

01.31.2014 | Posted in social media marketing

If you are wondering whether or not you should keep (or start) using Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for your business, make sure you read this… They might not help you generate a lot of direct traffic, but they can definitely help your site rank higher in the search engines. To prove it, Neil Patel (QuickSprout) […]

12.04.2013 | Posted in eCommerce

Just a quick post to let you know about a cool infographic by Volusion I came across the other day. This infographic intends to help you construct higher converting add-to-cart buttons. Volusion studied the top 50 eCommerce sites, and more specifically the button colors, shapes, sizes, wording and design details. Check it out… >>> Click […]

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